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List of publications


  1. F.J. Elmer, (1997), "Differentialgleichungen in der Physik'', (Verlag Harri Deutsch, Frankfurt). Inhaltsverzeichnis

Popular science articles

  1. S. Weigert, W. Breymann, F. J. Elmer, and H. Thomas, (1995), "Chaotische Strukturen in Raum und Zeit.'' Uni Nova: Mitteilungen der Universität Basel 73, 12.
  2. W. Breymann and F.J. Elmer, (1997), "Welches Chaos erforscht die Chaosforschung'', in P. Onori (ed.) Chaos in der Wissenschaft, (Verlag des Kantons Basel-Landschaft, Liestal). download PostSript, gzipped, 396 Kb

Unpublished articles

  1. F. J. Elmer, (2002), "Die Häufigkeitsverteilung von Artikeln über bestimmte Namen und Begriffe in der Wochenzeitung DIE ZEIT (Jahrgänge 1995-2001)" download pdf, 280 Kb

Scientific articles

  1. F.J. Elmer and E. Fick, (1983), "Strongly driven dissipative systems - An approach by Robertsons theory'', Physica A 117, 232.
  2. F.J. Elmer, (1986), "Bistability and strange nonlinear neutral curve in ferromagnetic resonance'', Phys. Lett. A 118, 25.
  3. F.J. Elmer, (1987), "Strange pattern formation in a model for ferromagnetic resonance instability'', Z. Phys. B 68, 105.
  4. F.J. Elmer, (1988), "Nonlinear and nonlocal dynamics of spatially extended systems: Stationary states, bifurcations and stability'',
    Physica D 30, 321.
  5. F.J. Elmer, (1988), "Spatial pattern formation in FMR - An example for nonlocal dynamics'', J. de Phys. C8 49, 1597.
  6. F.J. Elmer and T. Christen, (1990), "The nonlocal amplitude equation'', in R. Conte and N. Boccara (eds.) Partially integrable evolution equations in physics, (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht).
  7. F.J. Elmer, (1990), "Nonlocal dynamics of domains and domain walls in dissipative systems'', Phys. Rev. A 41, 4174.
  8. T. Christen and F.J. Elmer, (1990), "Stability of stationary periodic patterns in the presence of a weak nonlocality'', Phys. Lett. A 150, 166.
  9. F.J. Elmer, (1992), "Limit cycles of the ballast resistor caused by intrinsic instabilities'', Z. Phys. B 87, 377.
  10. F.J. Elmer, (1992), "Parallels between pattern formation in high-power ferromagnetic resonance and fluid convection'', in S. Kai (ed.) Pattern formation in complex dissipative systems, (World Scientific, Singapure).
  11. F.J. Elmer, (1992), "Bloch wall array in a spatially periodic field - An example for spatio-temporal chaos and self-organized criticality'', Europhys. Lett. 20, 363.
  12. F.J. Elmer, (1993), "Self-organized criticality in the weakly driven Frenkel-Kontorova model'', Helv. Phys. Acta 66, 99.
  13. F.J. Elmer, (1993), "Pattern formation due to spin-wave instabilities: squares, hexagons, and quasi-periodic patterns'', Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 2028.
  14. F.J. Elmer, J. Burns, and H. Suhl, (1993), "Front propagation into an unstable ferromagnetic state'', Europhys. Lett. 22, 399.
  15. F.J. Elmer, (1994), "Nonlinear Dynamics of Atomic Force Microscopes'', Helv. Phys. Acta 67, 213.
  16. F.J. Elmer, (1994), "Spin Wave Patterns and Spin Wave Turbulence'', Helv. Phys. Acta 67, 205.
  17. F.J. Elmer, J.-P. Eckmann, and G. Hartsleben, (1994), "Dual Fronts Propagating into an Unstable State'', Nonlinearity 7, 1261. abstract and download
  18. F.J. Elmer, (1994), "Avalanches in the Weakly Driven Frenkel-Kontorova Model'', Phys. Rev. E. 50, 4470. abstract and download
  19. F.J. Elmer, (1995), "A model for Barkhausen noise'', Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 140-144, 1839.
  20. F.J. Elmer, (1995), "Stationary and turbulent patterns due to spin wave instabilities'', Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 140-144, 1951.
  21. F.J. Elmer, (1995), "The weakly driven Frenkel-Kontorova model and self-organized criticality'', in J. Trân Thanh Vân, P. Bergé, R. Conte, M. Dubois (eds.) Chaos and Complexity, (Editions Frontières, Gif-sur-Yvette).
  22. F.J. Elmer, (1996), "Is self-organized criticality possible in dry friction?'', in B.N.J. Persson and E. Tosatti (eds.) Physics of Sliding Friction , (Kluwer Academic Publishers,Dordrecht). download PostSript, gzipped, 112 Kb
  23. T. Strunz and F.J. Elmer, (1996), "On the sliding dynamics of the Frenkel-Kontorova model'', in B.N.J. Persson and E. Tosatti (eds.) Physics of Sliding Friction , (Kluwer Academic Publishers,Dordrecht).
  24. M. Weiss and F.J. Elmer, (1996), "A simple model for wearless friction: The Frenkel-Kontorova-Tomlinson model'', in B.N.J. Persson and E. Tosatti (eds.) Physics of Sliding Friction , (Kluwer Academic Publishers,Dordrecht). download PostSript, gzipped, 41 Kb
  25. M. Weiss and F.J. Elmer, (1996), "Dry friction in the Frenkel-Kontorova-Tomlinson model: Static properties'', Phys. Rev. B. 53, 7539. download RevTeX, 58 kb, Figs. on request
  26. F.J. Elmer, (1996), "Pattern dynamics of parametrically excited spin waves near the instability threshold'', Phys. Rev. B. 53, 14323. download, RevTeX, 118 kb, Figs. on request
  27. F.J. Elmer, (1996), "Direct Hopf bifurcation in parametric resonance of hybridized waves'', Phys. Rev. Lett. 77, 179. abstract and download
  28. F.J. Elmer and M. Dreier, (1997), "The eigen frequencies of a rectangular AFM cantilever in a medium'', J. Appl. Phys. 81, 7709.
  29. F.J. Elmer, (1997), "Macroscopic stick-slip motion in the Frenkel-Kontorova-Tomlinson model'', in D. E. Wolf and P. Grassberger (eds.) Workshop on Friction, Arching, Contact Dynamics (World Scientific, Singapore). download PostSript, 644 kb
  30. F.J. Elmer, (1997), "Nonlinear dynamics of dry friction'', J. of Phys. A 30, 6057. abstract and download
  31. M. Weiss and F.J. Elmer, (1997), "Dry friction in the Frenkel-Kontorova-Tomlinson model: Dynamic properties'', Z. Phys. B. 104, 55. abstract and download
  32. F.J. Elmer, (1997), "Self-Organized Criticality with Complex Scaling Exponents in the Train Model", Phys. Rev. E 56, 6225. abstract and downlooad
  33. F.J. Elmer, (1998), "Controlling friction", Phys. Rev. E 57, 4903. abstract and downlooad
  34. T. Strunz and F.J. Elmer, (1998), "Driven Frenkel-Kontorova model: I. Uniform sliding states and dynamical domains of different particle densities", Phys. Rev. E. 58, 1601. abstract and downlooad
  35. T. Strunz and F.J. Elmer, (1998), "Driven Frenkel-Kontorova model: II. Chaotic sliding and nonequilibrium melting and freezing", Phys. Rev. E. 58, 1612. abstract and downlooad
  36. M.G. Rozman, M. Urbakh, J. Klafter, and F.J. Elmer, (1998), "Atomic Scale Friction and Different Phases of Motion of Embedded Molecular Systems", J. Phys. Chem. B 102, 7924.

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